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A 10 episode radio serial drama on the land grabbing

Our Land, na Our Right

Over the decades Nigeria have witnessed a growing demand for land characterized by the purchase or long term lease of vast tracts of land from mostly rural poor people for large scale agricultural development or large scale real estate development. In several cases, rural people are disposed of their only means of livelihood – land where they undertake their smallholder agricultural production.


Our Solution

The Smallholders Foundation a rural development organization which uses radio and field practical demonstration to educate and improve the livelihood of rural poor farmers, acted by 10 smallholder farmers, a 30 minutes, 10 Episode radio educational serial drama on land grabbing. The organization of farmers, development of radio drama script and recording of the 10 episode drama will take place at the Smallholders Foundation - Smallholder Farmers Rural Radio. The selected farmers will be equipped with skills in audience analysis, data sourcing, ethnography, script writing, drama recording and editing

Radio is an effective way of empowering rural poor people to voice and express their discontent, their visions and their opinions about their environment and their


Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

Episode Four

Episode Five


Episode Six

Episode Seven

Episode Eight

Episode Nine

Episode Ten


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